Stop Wasting Time and Money on Process Modeling!

You’re leading a digital transformation project…or business process transformation project.  You’ve done SME interviews, customer journey mapping,  UX and UI design, management reviews, and process redesign workshops…In the end, all of this work will be wasted if it can’t be turned into working software and systems.  This is the main principle of Agile – working software over BRUF (Big Requirements Up Front).

So, how do you turn UX/UI design and user requirements into working systems and software?  It’s one thing to have user stories and conversations, but words can only communicate so much.  You need a common visual language shared between business and IT.  Like the Tower of Babel, we can’t build something great if we’re not speaking the same language.  BPMN is the common language of business and IT.  It is the standard language supported by all major business process workflow software vendors – IBM, SAP, Pega Systems, Oracle, Appian, …Good BPMN turns all the design and customer journey mapping work into a lasting asset shared across business and IT.

How do you get started with BPMN?  Learn the language and use the right tool.  You don’t have time to lose…you only get one chance to run a successful transformation project.