3 Tips for Live Chat to “Wow” your Customers

This week I was amazed at my live chat experience with Julie at Nike.com!  My nephew ordered a pair of expensive basketball shoes online and since I love saving money, had a promo code I wanted him to take advantage of.

From her first “Hey Angela, I am happy to look into the order for you” to the end of our conversation, Julie’s customer service was outstanding.  I explained we had a promo code my nephew forgot to use when he placed the order a few hours earlier.  Julie mentioned she would need to cancel the order for me to reorder.  I mentioned I tried to create a 2nd draft order and needed to confirm the promo code worked.  She took the time to find out where I was located and checked the code (not valid) + confirmed that this was a US promo code.  Julie asked me where I got the promo code and advised me about scammers selling promo codes online.  To top it off, Julie created a promo code specifically for me as a one time courtesy, cancelled the 1st order and remained on chat while I created my order with the new promo code.  “Wow” is all I can say!  Customer experiences like this drive brand loyalty.  Live chat is a way to deliver awesome customer experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

3 things Customer Experience (CX) designers and customer service reps can learn from Nike (and Julie!):

#1   Listen, ask questions and treat the chat like a “live conversation”

Here’s an excerpt from our live chat …

Julie: I am going to need to cancel it and you can replace the order and use the promo or just save it for the next order. Which one works best for you? 

– made the cancel and reorder process easy and asked what works best for me!

#2    Even though you may be chatting with others or need to go onto the next customer, make your customers feel special and show that you care  

Recently I had a live chat experience with a California based cosmetic company where I asked about their Canadian retail locations.  After the rep answered my initial question (I had more questions, which is normal with me, ask my husband!), she thanked me for contacting their company and was about to end the chat.  Hello?! why in such a rush?  I went onto say that I hadn’t finished asking her my questions and she responded that she had indeed answered my question!  In my haste, I did not save my chat experience as I was so annoyed.

Understand the rep did not have a specific order to help me with  .. although do they really think I will go out of my way now to buy any of their products online or visit the “one” Canadian retailer to pick up their non-toxic eyeliner?


Angela: I know you may have other customers, do you still have a few minutes now while I order with the promo code you provided
Julie: You are a customer just like them and it would not be fair to leave you and not make sure your order is good. So yes, I am here as long as you need me 

#3  Every chat is an opportunity to increase sales, and enhance brand recognition/loyalty

-from the initial “Hi, my name is Julie. How may I help you?” to helping resolve my issue/query and genuinely caring, being in sales for 15 + years (and super picky about customer service), this was one of my best experiences on live chat!

Here’s how the call happily “ended”:

Julie: Great! Glad I was able to assist you.
Julie: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Angela: I’m good now. Just waiting for confirmation email altho am sure it will arrive shortly. Thank you again for everything Julie!! We will be sure to order from nike.com again and hope to chat with you in the future. Have a great nite!!
Julie: It was my pleasure! You enjoy the rest of your night as well. Thank you for chatting with Nike.com

– even though Nike.com is a large corporation, all organizations (from startups to big) can learn from customer service reps like Julie!

Have you had a great experience or a #4 tip to wow your customers with live chat? Please let me know in the comments below!